Sometimes You Need to Take a Break

And I did, for the most part. It wasn’t planned. It’s just how things turned out.

Back during the first week of the humid weather my body did not adjust quickly enough. I was sick, but then I seemed to feel better the next couple weeks. Then I started feeling ill again, and just couldn’t kick it. Nausea is not my friend 😦

38765816_10157014233597668_7856332256330121216_nThen, a couple of weeks back, the new neighbor woke be up soooo early in the morning three days in a row. Four AM is just too early for me. I couldn’t seem to catch him during those days, so I left him a note explaining my work schedule and that I sleep in the mornings because I work the evening shifts, and about my Sunday double and needing to sleep extra long on Monday’s. So far, so good. I’m hoping it lasts.

But missing out on that 11 hours of sleep really took a toll on me. Not only was I sick due to the humidity, but I was also completely exhausted.

And my daughter, son-in-law, and grand children moved to the fd550ec9f23edae1295fc59dbd25a180area a couple of weeks back. I’ve been visiting with them, and having the babies over to my place.

Things have been hectic.

So I needed to take some time for me. I haven’t really been promoting, or even blogging. Last week I need finish writing a novella, though.

I am, of course, behind on my to-do list now. But I really don’t care. I’m finally starting to feel better, and it is great.


Have a wonderful day!



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