Published! The Visitors (Cemetery Hill Series Part 3) (Tales from the Mountain)

Just wanted to let you know that The Visitors, part 3 of the #CemeteryHillSeries, and sub-series in the Tales from the Mountain series, is available for purchase on That leaves just one more story to publish this year for me to meet my fiction publishing goals. 🙂

eBook Cover by Shannon L. Buck, copyright October 2018.In this third story of the #CemeteryHillSeries, Willa makes some important decisions about her future and is ready to move forward after her terrifying ordeal the previous year.

Little Lavonne has healed, being left with scars and fear.

And new people come to Cemetery Hill Township, as something horrifying – something monstrous – makes its presence known after many years of lurking.

What new horror visits itself on Cemetery Hill and the township? Find out in The Visitors, a story from Tales from the Mountain.            $3.99      buy6

Read the story (and the series!) and let me know what you think.

Thank you,


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