Completed a First Draft & Publishing News & What’s Next

The first draft of the third Stalker Story is finished, though I’m still trying to figure out what would make a good title for this one. I also published the third story in the Cemetery Hill SeriesThe Visitors.


I do have a fourth Stalker Story I am going to write, but I’m not pushing it. I’m sort of on break from most writing stuff as per my post Doing Less at the Holidays.

I do have one last story to publish for 2018, later this month. It’s the fourth story in the Cemetery Hill Series. I’ve already started the process for this. The fifth story will not be published until 2019 – most likely in January.

What You Can Expect To See Through The End Of The Year

  1. A few more promotional posts for The Visitors and the fourth story in the series.
  2. Two more newsletters mainly geared toward the fourth story.
  3. Maybe a post about all of the fiction goals I made for 2018 and my progress with them.
  4. Some amount of activity on the Facebook page and other social and professional media outlets.

What I’ll Be Doing Out Of Sight

  • Thinking up a title for the third Stalker Story.
  • Planning, and possibly writing, a couple of chapters in the next Stalker Story.
  • 2018 goal assessment.
  • 2019 goal and content planning.
  • Tweaks to the blog itself. Most you will not notice. Some you may.
  • A few book idea generation sessions.

As you can see, I’ll still have plenty to keep me busy. But I am planning time with family and friends, and time for myself. I have a few books I want to read as well. And I just want some downtime. I need to refocus for the new year.

***If you haven’t done so already, please read one of my story’s and, if you like it, leave a review on It will help me to sell more in the new year, which in turn will help me with some other very important goals I have set for myself. I’d really appreciate it, and it won’t take long on your part.***

Happy reading!



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