2018 Goals Progress

Wow. It’s been such a busy year! Especially where my writing is concerned. You have no idea how much I get done while at Aroma Joe’s. I’ve written entire novellas there, and organized planners, and even held meetings with myself about how I’m doing with my goals.

I’m blessed to have had the time to do all of this, and the motivation to keep going with it.

I really am excited about all I’ve accomplished, so I thought I’d share my progress with you.

First, I managed to get more organized. Thank goodness. I’m not done with the organizing yet, but I’ve come a long way in 2018. Here’s what I’ve accomplished.

  • Created a journal for each blog, to record ideas and make plans. This means I have way less post-its and pieces of scrap paper cluttering my space, and what I want is easier to find and plan with. This was a huge step!
  • Started using a Bloom Daily Planner, and I love it so much that I ordered another for 2019. I’ve tried using soooo many planners over the years, none of which have worked for me. Now that I’ve found one that does I’ll be using it every year. These planners are amazing, and this years has a little more to make 2019 great. Along with the calendar and weekly spread, you get to create a mission statement. You also get a goals page, vision board,  goal tracking sheet, bucket list page, scheduling template, a notes section, and monthly vision sheets. And more! (Nope. They’re not paying me to say this. I really do just love these planners.)
  • Created a file system using three file boxes and plenty of folders! It’s working great for me. One for past completed projects, one for what I’m currently working on, and one for future projects.
  • Went through office supplies, getting rid of anything I haven’t needed in a long time. Put what I needed in the fronts of those file boxes until I will use them. This gets them out-of-the-way in my very small space.
  • Set up a financials journal to track my spending and (hopefully) get me on track with my saving goals.
  • Continued my monthly meetings with myself, usually at Aroma Joe’s, to track my goals progress among other things having to do with writing, editing, publishing, and promoting.

That’s a lot, and took a huge amount of time. But it was all worth it. I’m not completely organized yet. I don’t honestly know if I ever will be. But I’m getting closer. And it feel good to have accomplished so much toward this goal.

And, after all of that, I still met my publishing goals for fiction – 11 short stories published to build my library, bringing me to 24 stories. Yay! What were this years stories?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All but one of these, The ShackA Tales of Magick story – which is offered as a free read for signing up for the newsletter is on Amazon.com.

(Did you see the nifty slideshow above. ❤ it!)

Now that I’ve met all my goals, it’s time to come up with new goals for 2019. I’ll be working on this the remainder of November, and possibly into December. I’m making big goals for next year as well.

Even though I got a lot accomplished, I feel like if I’d been more focused I could have done some of the extra things on my list. That’s why my word for 2019 is FOCUS. More on this later.

Photograph by Skye Buck. November 2018.

I hope your Thanksgiving was a nice as mine. Have a happy holiday season.


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