Revisiting My 2018 Theme Word

Each year I come up with a new theme word. For 2018, that word was Believe. I needed to believe in my ability to progress with my writing in a way that made me feel successful. I’m not talking money here, though that would be a plus. I’m talking about getting things done.

“I believe I can do this! That I can achieve my dreams. I believe in myself, and my ability to be successful – whatever that may mean to me at any given time. I believe in my ability to get things done. I believe I’ll acquire the means to have what I want. I believe in me!”

I think I pulled this off nicely. If you want to know how, read my 2018 Goals Progress post. I’m proud of all I accomplished this year. I didn’t do as much socializing this year as I had wanted, but I did accomplish every goal on my fiction list. That is huge.




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