Word of the Year: Focus


noun  1. a center of activity, attraction, or attention 2. a point of concentration

verb  to bring into focus

to concentrate attention or effort


I think I’ve said on this blog, at some point, that I might have adult ADD. I don’t really know that, but I have such a hard time concentrating for long periods of time on one thing, that it would make total sense. My mind is so all over the place that I have dozens of projects going on. It’s difficult to stay on task with just one thing.

I’m proud of myself for some things I’ve accomplished over the last couple of years because of this issue. I managed to edit and publish a lot of short stories. And I’ve written a four-part novella series, and am a few novellas into another. These are HUGE accomplishments for me.

The sheer fact that I stuck it out and finished writing these is amazing. I have a number of books I’ve started over the years that I never finished because I lost focus on them, and I’m hoping to revisit them – and finish them – at some point. I had a new planner system in place in 2018 that really worked for me, and I’ve invested in it again this year to help me to stay on track. With the planner and BELIEVE as my word of the year, I couldn’t go wrong.

I feel that, with FOCUS as my word for 2019, I’ll be able to accomplish even more on the fiction front, as well as in other areas. So, this year I vow to FOCUS on getting more done.

NOTE: You’ll notice that I did not make a 2019 goal of writing a novel or novella. (Click on that link to find out what my goals for the year are!) That’s what I’m doing for fun. I’m not prepared to set a goal for it and possibly ruin the fun in writing. That’s why most of my goals center around editing, publishing, and getting the word out. I want to keep writing fun!

So, let’s see if I can remain FOCUSED.

Warmest Wishes in the New Year!


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