Story Planning: Maps & House Plans

When writing a series of stories, there are things I need to be able to keep straight. For me, there is no better way to keep house set-ups and locations straight then with maps and house plans.

Grant it, my maps and house plans are messy and are not works of spacial genius. But they work for me. I just need a basic guide so I can remember who lives and works where, and which direction someone has to walk to get from their bedroom to the bathroom.

Consistency is important, after all.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck. December 2018.

Like I said. Nothing special. Just rough drawings. I just need them for my files, so I can quickly look and see what direction someone needs to go to get to school or the store.

It works for me.

I’ve already started writing the novella I plan to start this year, the fourth one in the stalker series. I started last month and am a good way into it already.

Happy reading!



2 thoughts on “Story Planning: Maps & House Plans

  1. I love my new filing system! It’s has helped me to gather all of my old notes from various places and combine what I need for each story into one folder. My space is so much less cluttered now.


  2. All of my notes and drawings are messy. I’m really the only one who needs to know what it all means so i’m okay with it.

    I have my new writing area mostly set up. I have to go through my files and put away the old stuff that i was working on with my sidekick. I have a new file box for stuff that’s just mine. I have been finding notes for the new stuff in random places throughout my home. I need to be more organized lol.


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