Are You a Fan of Mad Libs?

I am! When the kids were growing up, we used to play Mad Libs to help reinforce their grammar lessons. I homeschooled the girls, and tried to find fun ways to teach things when I could. My nephews used to do them with us, and whoever was there for daycare. The stories were usually quite funny when complete.


Photograph taken at Fort Knox, either by Katie or by Sheila.

Also when the kids were young, my sister and I used to do Mad Libs over the phone after we put them all down for the night. It was a great bonding experience for us. And, again, the stories were funny when we were done with them. (She and I also used to play Scattegories over the phone.)

What fun word games do you enjoy?



2 thoughts on “Are You a Fan of Mad Libs?

  1. Love mad libs! I actually have some mad lib books still. Zachary and I enjoyed playing boggle. He usually wins that one.


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