Last Read-Through is Complete

It’s important for me to do a last read-through of a manuscript before I am done with the editing process. Why? Doing this step helps me to catch certain things before I publish, at least for the most part.

Part of my theme word for the year has to do with focusing on the details, and that is what I am doing at this point in the editing process.

The Beginning Cemetery Hill Series Kindle CoverHere is a list of what I’m looking for during last read-throughs:

  • Typos I hadn’t noticed before.
  • Areas in the story that don’t make sense.
  • The over-use of the word “that”.
  • Things that need to be added to the story for clarification.
  • Proper use of paragraphs.
  • Name spellings, especially when I’m using unusual names.

Each time I add or change something, I do another read-through of that sentence and paragraph to make sure everything makes sense.

Because all the edits and other steps don’t take enough time, haha, I add to the issue with this step. It’s all good though, because doing this read-through helps me toward the ultimate goal of publishing a story that I hope will entertain many people.

Today I finished the last read-through of Seeing Things, part five of the #cemeteryhillseries. I’ll be publishing this story later this month.



6 thoughts on “Last Read-Through is Complete

  1. Mine’s not a story. It’s a book. It’s not done the stuff I wrote when we were doing Nano is rough too so I need to start again. You always get to read them and tell me how bad my grammar is lol.


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