Going Through the List

I recently finished the first draft of the fourth stalker novella. I always get so excited when I finish one 🙂

As soon as I finished, I set up a folder for novella number five in the series. Then I started reading through my list, making notes of what I want to use in the new story.

Dragged Off cover design by Shannon L. Buck. Nov. 2018. In Dragged Off, the fourth story in the #CemeteryHillSeries, part of Tales from the Mountain, three people are forcibly taken from the township. Can the sheriff and other officers, with the help of the men from Cemetery Hill Township, figure out who or what took them, before it's too late? And who do they bring back when they return? It's someone from Willa's past. Find out the answers to these questions in this short story by Shannon L. Buck.What list?

My writing prompts list. I have many of my prompts categorized by story series. This particular list is three pages of writing prompts I accumulated from different sources, that I want to use in the Stalker Series, with the last few stories having interesting twists.

Once I was done with novella four, I made note of the prompts I want to use for novella five and crossed those ones off my list. I’m using quite a few this time around. They should make for an interesting read.  ~ Shannon


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