A Trip to the Outhouse: Part 2 of The Camp Series (Tales from the Mountain)

“What are you doing up?” Dad asks when he notices me.

“I have to go pee,” I say nervously, knowing what was coming next.

“Well, hurry up and then get back into bed.” He took his turn at poker.

On the mountain, children are not any more safe than adults. Sometimes, a fabled monster turns out to be real. Other times, something completely unexpected will happen. And when your parents do not believe in something, you can’t change what might happen.

Book cover copyright Shannon L. Buck, 2/2019. https://www.amazon.com/Trip-Outhouse-Camp-Part-ebook/dp/B01AX998LY/ https://www.amazon.com/Hidden-Camp-Part-4-ebook/dp/B01BCTMHF8/Children learn young to be strong but they are still afraid, wondering if they’ll be the next to disappear. The next child the mountain folks search for during the day, and cry for at night.

In part 2 of The Camp Series, Jessica tells of her biggest fear while visiting the family camp up on the mountain, explaining her emotions and thoughts as the story unfolds. #CampSeries     $2.99 (See excerpt below.)



I walked out the door and onto the top step, bracing myself. Next I started walking slowly to the outhouse. Is he out here? I knew he was. I could feel him. Is he going to jump out at me? I was so scared. I just knew that he was going to get me one of those times. It seemed like such a long walk to get there, but it wasn’t. Not really.

As I was getting closer to the outhouse, I become more and more scared. My heart felt like it was going to jump right out of my throat, but I just couldn’t seem to go any faster. I was just too frightened. I started thinking he was really going to get me this time. That something bad was gonna to happen. That no one would even hear me scream because they were all being so loud back inside the camp.

When I finally got to the outhouse, I looked into the darkness for him, or even just his shadow. I slowly closed the door behind me and  put the lock in the eye and so that I would be safe.

What a relief. I let out a long sigh, pull my pajama pants down, and sat to do my business.

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