What do I Enjoy Most About Writing?

When I’m in the process of writing, I’m not thinking about anything else. No matter where I am, inside or out, I’m in a zone. Anything could happen around me, and I’d most likely be oblivious.


Because of this, I actually get quite relaxed. I’m not always one to relax, so this is actually good for me. My body is idle, rather than me going from here to there, back and forth, doing many tasks. Even though my brain is engaged, the rest of me is at rest.

Once I get started with writing, the ideas flow more rapidly. I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with them all. I rush, and then major editing may be necessary for things to make sense for others. But starting to write can certainly get the ball rolling.

Writing relieves stress, at least for me. Have you noticed this? If I’m extremely stressed, and I write for about 30 minutes, the stress seems to just melt away. For which, I’m thankful.

The process of writing also gets my creative juices flowing in other areas. I guess, during the process, my mind does other things than just write that story or article. It must also work through other things because I notice, when I’m done writing, I have amazing brainstorming sessions with the flow of ideas having to do with not only other writing projects, but also crafting and otherwise creative projects I’d like to work on.

And, it lifts my mood. If I’m angry or depressed, writing helps me to loosen up and feel better about things in general.

Writing does a lot for me. How about you?

~ Shannon

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