Doing Yoga Helps Me to Generate Writing Ideas

Writing isn’t always easy. Sometimes, when I get stuck trying to express something or can’t think of anything to write about, I take a step back and do some yoga.

Yoga is a slow-moving exercise that helps me to clear my mind and relieve stress. Once my mind is clear of the clutter of everyday life, I’m better able to come up with ideas for my writing projects.

I try to stretch the work out, breathing deep and keeping my mind on movements until I’m able to think more clearly, then I let my mind wander. Sure enough, ideas flow like crazy when I’m relaxed enough.

I think I need a tape recorder so I can can continue with the yoga workouts longer. This way I can record the ideas I have without stopping. (Note to self: Look into small recorders – preferably portable to also take on walks.)

Exercise is good for the generation of ideas.

Warmest Wishes!


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