Published! Seeing Things (Cemetery Hill Series Part 5) (Tales from the Mountain)

It’s been a busy week. First by getting this one ready for publication and, yesterday and today, getting the word out. Newsletters, a blog post, and other promotional tasks have been completed, but there is still more to do.

All this means that I’m not actually working on the new manuscript, which is what I really wanted to be doing these days off. But that is okay. I’ll get to it next week. For now, I have many other things to do. It’s a pretty busy time.


Seeing Things, the fifth story in the #CemeteryHillSeries, part of Tales from the Mountain, is now ready and on my Amazon book page. Head on over and get it today 🙂

Book cover by Shannon L. Buck, copyright 2019.Seeing Things is the fifth story of the #CemeteryHillSeries. In this part, Edgar must go up against forces he never wanted to believe. in order to save his loved ones, old friends return, a new life begins, and we discover if a beloved character can withstand attacks no one can understand.

What new horrors occur in Cemetery Hill Township? Find out in Seeing Things, a story from Tales from the Mountain.   $3.99    buy6

Enjoy the story!


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