Taking Care

I work forty hours at The Inn each week, in four days, plus I work on this writing stuff part-time. It’s a lot, though I do enjoy both. For the most part, anyway.

I do have downtime, though. I took six days off from The Inn last month, and one of those days was a personal day – meaning I also didn’t do any of the less-fun aspects of writing.

Personal days are only for fun & taking care of me!

I’ve also set up more personal days throughout the year, and a few mini vacations. And I’ll have at least another vacation from The Inn. The Inn vacations are great, because I get paid!

I think it’s important that everyone takes the occasional personal day, to pamper themselves or at least have a little fun. Or even to spend the day reading or binge-watching a favorite show. Your body and mind need this type of break.

Since a few people have told me I need to take a break and relax sometimes, I thought I’d put this post out to you. I do relax. And I do get out and have fun. Thank you for caring 🙂  ❤

~ Shannon

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