And Now I Am Working On…

Oh, so many things. Haha. Are you surprised?

Because so much went wrong last month when I wanted to be putting my books on Kobo, Lulu, and Barnes & Noble, I haven’t even gotten to adding any yet. So now I’m planning out where to start, how often to add, and in what order. (Any preferences? Let me know.)

I spent two mornings this week at Aroma Joe’s, working on the manuscript for the 5th book in the Stalker Series. I love how easily it is all coming together, and I hope this lasts. Some manuscripts are easier to write than others. I the prologue and three chapters written so far.

I’m taking a few notes for the 6th book in the series, trying to be a little more ready to start the new manuscript when I’m done writing the current one.

The edits for The Perfect Choice, the first book in the War Series has had its first round of edits on paper, and I’m starting to get those edits into the manuscript on Google Docs. It will take some time, but doing so will help me with second edits. Yup! I’ll edit the book at least twice more. This is the book I’m trying to publish this year.

I am also still promoting Seeing Things, part 5 of the Cemetery Hill Series, a sub-series for Tales from the Mountain.  I’m pretty proud of myself for getting this series out on the timeline I had made for myself last year.

Promotion is a huge deal. I’m working on this aspect of the writing life diligently, even though it is not my favorite. (Neither is editing for that matter, haha.) I recently created an author page on, and am looking for more ways to get the word out. By the way, I love how the books look like they have spines on this platform. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Last week I listened to podcasts and did some research online about marketing and other author information for when I start using, and I will do the same for Lulu and Barnes & Noble.I have also learned a few things about promoting on Amazon.

I feel like I’m behind, but I’m not really. I have already worked ahead in my planner on a few things. I just need to start getting things on Kobo and the other places. Then I’ll feel better about everything.

All I can say is that I’m glad it’s a little slow at The Inn right now, because I get to work on all this writing stuff while I am here. Otherwise I would be way behind.

Now that you know how busy I am each day, I’m going to stop writing so I can get on with some of these things.

Have a great evening!


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