Man Missing on the Mountain

July 15, 1975

Last night Jack Adams, age 23, went missing while visiting his girlfriend’s family on the mountain. Jack resided in Bear Wood, at the base of the mountain.

Jack had just returned from a walk with his girlfriend, and was going to play cards with the family after he used the outhouse.

One witness under the age of 18 said she saw him outside from her loft window, then heard a commotion and what she thought was Jack screaming above the noise from downstairs. She quickly went downstairs and told the adults within the camp, and they all ran outside to help Jeff.

By the time the first person arrived outside, Jack was already gone. The only signs of him being outside were his jacket, found on the ground near the outhouse, and one of his boots, found near the woodline.

Children were heard talking about the Boogie Man. They believe this fabled monster is to blame for Jack’s disappearance. Could they be right? Or did someone else attack Jack and drag him off? Why would someone do this? And will the search teams find Jack alive?


Auntie's Boyfriend read about what happened to Jack Adams up on the mountain, read the short story Auntie’s Boyfriend, Part of the Camp Series, a sub-series of Tales from the Mountain

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