My 5 Biggest Writing Distractions

I try not to let distractions enter my world when I am writing, but they do happen.

Outside At Aroma Joe's
Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright June 5, 2016.
  1. One of those distractions is social media, but I’ve done a couple of things to help me to conquer this one. First, I always have my notifications silenced on my phone. Otherwise I would always be checking the darn thing, like I see so many others do. I don’t have time for this distraction. For those of you who know me, this is why I often don’t get back to people quickly. If there is ever an emergency, you’ll have to actually call me. Second, I have trained myself not to check my email or look at social media notifications on the laptop when I am working. I’m not perfect. I do sometimes check direct messages on Facebook, depending on who they are from, while I’m working. But again, this is not the best way to get hold of me. Call me if there is an emergency. Also, if I am working in OpenOffice, I can’t see ANY notifications from any social media, or from my email.
  2. My second biggest distraction is phone calls. I may or may not answer, depending on what I am doing. Sorry. If I don’t answer, but you feel it is important, leave a message. I will take more of a notice. If I do answer, I may talk just long enough to find out if there is an emergency or some other important thing happening, then let you go. Please don’t be offended. I’m writing. But, I will always pick up the phone if I notice mom or one of my daughters is calling. Notice how I said if I notice. I don’t always. I would also immediately pick up for my stepfather, son-in-law, and Skye’s boyfriend. Why? Because the likelihood of any of these three people calling are slim to none so, if they do, there is something going on.
  3. My third biggest distraction is people coming over to socialize when I am working away from home. To be polite, I have to chat – but I will, before long, turn back to my writing. I’m not being rude, I just need to write at that time. Otherwise, I will forget what I was writing about when I get back to it – and that is not good.
  4. And fourth is the occasional person who comes up to me while I am writing at Aroma Joe’s to tell me that someone had mention I am there writing a book and would I mind chatting about that for a few minutes. Um… YES! Let’s chat. I love to discuss writing. I want to let you know where you can get the books I have published, and hear about your desire to also be a writer. But, if you happen to see me out and about by myself, that’s the best time have this conversation. (Sidenote: If I haven’t seen you in a really long time and you happen to be where I am writing, please do come over and say hi. Maybe I miss you and want to see you.)
  5. The fifth biggest distraction is when people are working on the house. All the noise makes it so hard to concentrate that I end up leaving to work somewhere else.

There you have it. My five biggest distractions.

~ Shannon


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