Published! The Camp Series (Tales from the Mountain)

It was a crazy busy week, and it’ll be just as busy this weekend as I work at The Inn and promote The Camp Series and “Be Careful of Those Woods”. It’ll be nice to have my next three days off, and be able to work on the manuscript rather than promote things.


eBook cover created by Shannon L. Buck, February 2019. horrors that are encountered come in various forms, from people to spirits to creatures of the dark. Those who have dwelled on the mountain longest know it is essential not to be out after dark in certain areas. They try to get away from these places before nightfall, but some of them are not so lucky. Strangers to the mountain often end up dead, and sometimes their bodies are never found.

In this collection of short stories, Jessica and her cousins learn about the evils of the mountain as they journey through adventures at the family camp area. They learn hard truths, not only about some of the adults they know, but also about the dangers of the mountain. Their innocence is tainted by the truths they learn, and they have to decide what to with with their new found knowledge.

The Camp Series pulls together all of the short stories that have previously been published as single ebooks, diary entries written by Jessica, and other bits of information for the reader to better understand what is happening in the children’s world.  $4.99


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Thank you,

~ Shannon

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