Seeing Things: Part 5 of the Cemetery Hill Series (Tales from the Mountain)

Graphic by Shannon L. Buck, 2019This is the fifth book in the Cemetery Hill Series, a sub-series of Tales from the Mountain. As far as I know, this will be the last book. I hope you enjoy each of the stories!

Book cover by Shannon L. Buck, copyright 2019.Seeing Things is the fifth story of the #CemeteryHillSeries. In this part, Edgar must go up against forces he never wanted to believe. In order to save his loved ones, old friends return, a new life begins, and we discover if a beloved character can withstand attacks no one can understand.

What new horrors occur in Cemetery Hill Township? Find out in Seeing Things, a story from Tales from the Mountain.

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Excerpt from Seeing Things

The Cemetery Hill Series Part 5

A Tales from the Mountain Story

By Shannon L. Buck


That night after everyone was briefed and Edgar had his family history down, all of the men gathered inside Edgars’ cabin with their rifles. They didn’t really think the guns would do them any good, but couldn’t think of what else to do. The men believed it was going to be a dangerous visit, and they were scared.

Edgar was visibly nervous. Gabe was there. He and Jenny, the only woman in the cabin, would stand by Edgar the whole time, as would Wes. He would never be alone. The rest of the men would surround them, giving room for the spirits to enter the circle. They were hoping for a peaceful event, expecting the worst.

“Well,” said Gabe. “I guess we should all move outside.”

They walked outside slowly, nearing the woods. No one would actually go into the wooded area, but Gabe and Jenny thought they should be close. As they neared, they could hear the creature and see the red glowing eyes in the woods. The snarling started out low, and gradually grew louder the closer they got. It seemed that the creature didn’t like them getting too close. Looking along the woodline, they noticed more and more sets of red glowing eyes nearing from deep within the woods.

They stood not far from the edge of the woods and waited, wondering what would happen. The moon was full and the stars bright in the night sky, and the air was a bit cool. They could see the lights from Havris’ and Mildreds’ cabin, where all of the women, except Jenny, and all of the children were waiting nervously.

All of a sudden the creature was there in front of Wes, Gabe, Jenny, and Edgar. Everyone took a step back, and the creature let out a loud roar from deep within itself.

Fear sank into Edgar rather quickly, and he shrunk back. “Remember what we talked about,” prompted Jenny, close to his right ear.

Edgar straightened up and stared into the big, red glowing eyes of the creature that stood before him snarling. This was the first time anyone had gotten a good look at the thing. It seemed to be about three feet taller than the tallest man in the circle, and twice as broad. It’s fur shined black in the moonlight, and it flexed its long claws. When the creature snarled at them, they could see its huge fangs, like those of a large dog. The hair of the creature stood on end, making it look even more formidable.

They hadn’t seen anything like this creature anywhere before. Though its fangs looked like a dogs, the creature was not canine, it was something altogether different. It was not the fabled werewolf, either. It was darker, and more menacing.

As Edgar stared at the creature, it went after Alton Ingrahm so quickly no one could stop it. They couldn’t even see it move toward Alton, or back to face Edgar again. It all happened within seconds, and then the creature was standing in front of Edgar, dropping a dead Alton at his feet.

Edgar screamed in terror, then in anger. “How dare ye!” he screamed. “How dare ye kill the people we care about. What did we ever do to ye? We’re peaceful people.”

Just then, there were spirits all around the beast. The spirits of people. The spirits of those buried in Cemetery Hill. Among snarls from the creature, Edgar spoke again. This time to the spirits. “Who are ye, and what do ye want?”

“Edgar,” said an elderly spirit. “You are my descendant.”

“Edith, is that ye? Gabe and Jenny told me about ye.”

“Yes, it is I. We are here to protect you from those who will cause you harm.”

“Then why are ye killing people who are important to me?”

“We are not killing anyone. We are harmless. We talk to your Willa, and we can play tricks, but we cannot harm anyone.” Edith’s body was translucent and seemed to be floating on air. Even her clothing was white and translucent. Edgar was scared, and he could still hear the creature snarling in the background. He couldn’t take his eyes off the floating Edith with her long ragged dress and her white bonnet.

“What happened to ye?”

“I was killed by men on the mountain. They set their dogs on me, after they raped me.” That explained the scars on her face and her hands. “Bestia kills for the pleasure of it. If I want her to protect you from those on the mountain, she must be allowed to kill when she pleases.”

“But I don’t want protection,” Edgar said to her. “I’ll pass when it’s my turn, no matter what ye do. Make your Bestia leave us in peace. I don’t want its protection.”

“It is not as easy as that.”


Bestia will kill no matter what. This way, she will not kill you. We are bound to her this way, and she is bound to us. She cannot kill our descendants, and we must serve her.”

“I don’t want protection!” cried Edgar. The wind had picked up, and it was chilly. Shivering, he went on. “Break free from Bestia. Rest in peace.”

Edith’s spirit smiled weakly. “If you are sure you do not need us.”

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