Kobo and Barnes & Noble

As of last week, I’m all set up with Kobo and Barnes & Noble for selling my books. Yay! The process for each is a little different from that of KDP (Amazon), and from each other, but I learned them quickly.

I don’t have all of my fiction on each platform, yet. I will be working on this over the next couple/few months as I have time. It’s my goal to have all of my fiction on both platforms, as well as Lulu, before the end of the year.

I expected to have this done already, but there were some roadblocks along the way and I had wait to get started. That was okay. It gave me a chance to work on some other things. I wasn’t bored, by any means.

As of right now, I have the four original novels of the #campseries all set to go on them. If you’re not on the Facebook page to see the links, here they are:

 Rascal ($1.99): Kobo     B&N

A Trip to the Outhouse ($1.99): Kobo     B&N

Auntie’s Boyfriend ($1.99): Kobo     B&N

Hidden Camp ($3.99): Kobo     B&N

Photograph by Shannon L. BuckI’ve also taken the time to add the steps to publishing on these sites to my fiction promotion list, so the next time I’m ready to publish something I’ll remember to do so on these platforms as well. (I have a horrible memory!)

As per the Women in Publishing Summit, I need to go wide. This will help me to that end goal.

Want to help me with something? Take my short poll (Available until March 17, 2019). Thank you! I want to know where you prefer to order ebooks through, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

~ Shannon

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