Pricing Books, for Other Countries

I learned something very useful as I was setting up Rascal on Kobo last week.

I had noticed while using KDP (Amazon) there was a list of other countries where they sell books to that had prices set in each countries currency. I thought it was pretty cool, thinking they must know what they are doing, but never attempted to do anything with it.

Kobo explains things a little on their pricing page and, it seems, the automatic pricing is not the best way to go. There is a specific way we should be pricing our books for sale in other countries, and each is different.

So I clicked on the first box in Kobo, and it brought up the price someone in Brazil would be willing to pay for the book. Neat! So I went through and changed everything. They aren’t likely to buy a book if the price doesn’t look like a normal one for them. So if $2.99 is normal looking, you’d have a hard time selling one for the $3.02 a platforms system generates.

Photograph by Shannon L. BuckBy the time the four books were entered, I had two lists of pricing for other countries. One for $1.99 USD books, and one for $3.99 USD books.

Today I went back onto KDP and set all the country prices for each book I am selling at those prices. They did not show me automatically what each should go for when I clicked on the boxes, so I did it all manually.

As an example, for a $3.99 USD book, you would charge $5.99 CAN to set it to an amount they recognize and to account for the exchange rate.

From here on out, as I put more books of differing prices on Kobo, I’ll make up new pricing sheets and change the country pricing in KDP.

Interestingly enough, B&N didn’t bring up country pricing for me. Maybe I missed it somewhere along the way. I’ll have to look into it.

~ Shannon

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