A Child is Taken (Cemetery Hill Series Part 2) (Tales from the Mountain)

Graphic by Shannon L. Buck via Canva.com https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HHFT628/

When sweet little Louisa is taken from Cemetery Hill Township, even the state police get in on the search.

A Child is Taken Kindle CoverAnd she’s not the only child snatched from the peaceful community on the mountain.

Will the children be found alive? Find out in A Child is Taken, part 2 of the Cemetery Hill Series from Tales from the Mountain. $3.99 (See excerpt below.)





Excerpt from A Child is Taken

The Cemetery Hill Series Part 2

A Tales from the Mountain Story

By Shannon L. Buck


Later that night, the tent erected, Sheriff Jones sat quietly in front of the fire, going over the plans he had written in his notebook. He wanted to make sure there were no mistakes, because he was trying to make a good impression on Willa and her family. He also wanted to be respected by the community.

When the fire began to die down, he dumped some water over it from the pail that was next to him and retired for the night. He’d only been asleep for a couple of hours when he was awakened by the terrified scream of a child, followed immediately by a woman’s scream and a snarling sound. He pulled on his boots, and exited the tent, running as fast as he could toward the unseen woman who was still screaming.

When the sheriff arrived at Pearl and Haskell Woodward’s cabin, he quickly took in the other neighbors who were arriving at the scene. He asked Havris and Lawrence Pratt to secure the scene, not wanting any of the possible evidence to be disturbed.

He then went to Pearl and Haskell. She was still screaming, her husband holding her tightly as he helped her to the ground. Haskell was scared, but didn’t yet know what had happened. Haskell, like their children, had been asleep when the incident took place. All of the children, that is, except for six year old Louisa. The child was nowhere to be seen.

The sheriff let Haskell calm his wife down enough so she could talk. “I don’t know what happened,” she explained between sobs of fear and grief. “I was bringing Louisa to the outhouse, when this animal just ran up to her and dragged her off. I tried to go after her, but there were two other dogs who wouldn’t let me get to her.”

Haskell added, “When I heard the screaming I grabbed the rifle and ran out, but Louisa was already gone. The other two dogs ran off before I could get to Pearl.”


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