Dead People (Tales from the Woods)

Quote for Dead People by Shannon L. Buck.This is a stand-alone story from the Tales from the Woods series. (See the excerpt after the description.)

Ebook cover design by Shannon L. Buck via Canva.comA Tales from the Woods story, Dead People offers a look at the forces at play in Bear Wood.

What would you do if you entered a bus and came face-to-face with dead people? This is exactly what happens to our main character in Dead People, causing great fear.

Read along as the character attempts to outrun the dead. $0.99





I walked onto the bus this morning and saw dead people. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but there they were. Dead people.

Some of them were newly dead. Some had obviously been long dead. I’m talking zombie’s here, people. Zombie’s! People who had been dead, and are now… reanimated.

Some of each group were men, some of each were women, and some of each were children. There was even a baby zombie. Insane.

The one standing, obviously a newly dead one, was only a few feet from me. Dark, short messed up hair, gray, wrinkly and sunken skinned, and all dark around the eyes. He must have been a good six-and-a-half feet tall, to boot: skinny and gaunt-looking. Someone had actually buried him in jeans, an AC/DC tee-shirt, and sneakers. Either that or he hated what they had dressed him in, and changed after the reanimation. Who knows? Either way, the clothes looked new rather than tattered. He couldn’t have been buried too long ago.

Once I took in the scene, I looked at the bus driver. He seemed oblivious to the fact that there were a bunch of dead people on his bus. “Sit down if you’re gonna,” he said to me. “Or get off the bus.”

He didn’t have to tell me twice. I turned and ran off the bus, toward Bear Wood out behind the depot. Took me a few minutes to get to the tree line, but I didn’t stop running until I had reached it. When I did, I stopped, gasping for air. Turning around, I saw there were dead people following me! What the heck…

So there I was at the tree line, all out of breath, gasping and wondering what I was supposed to do? Where could I go? I took a few deep breaths while looking from the woods to the zombie’s that were gaining on me and back to the woods, and opted for the woods. Yes, I knew the woods were haunted. But where else was I supposed to go?

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