Google Play Books

Google Play Books does not make it easy to sell through them. Previously, if you published on, you could send the book through to Google Play. Today I read that is no longer the case.

Apparently now they only allow so many people in any given time to sell books through them. I went on there and filled out their form to sell my books through them, and am now waiting to hear when that may happen, if it will at all. They don’t even give a timeline, so it may not even be this year.

But I’ve sent them my information and the link to this blog, so now all I can do is wait to see if I am accepted or not. I have heard it isn’t necessarily easy to sell through them on your own.

eBook cover created by Shannon L. Buck, February 2019.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to get the #CampSeries compilation.

Happy Reading!


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