Finished A Novella

I think I posted the other day that I finished the novella I was working on. It’s the sixth book in the Stalker Series. It’s always an exciting time when I finish a book.


To celebrate, I visited with my daughter Zowie and my grandchildren. We had pasta for dinner. I took Little Man outside to play, and Little Miss and I had just a little girl time before I thought the flies would carry her away and I brought her inside. Then, after the children were in bed, I got to hang out and chat with Zowie. Adult time. Mother-daughter time. ❤

I have some notes on possible alternate scenarios that I may share with you at a later date. I also have learned that many perspective readers want to know in advance if their are sexual situations in a novel. As I understand it, not all adults want to read books with those types of situations. I need to add these notes to book descriptions.

I’ll be letting you know about my current projects soon. Have a great day!

~ Shannon


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