Promoting Other Authors

Even though this is my author site, I do promote other authors here. I might do this by mentioning what books I am currently reading or plan to read in the near future. Or by talking about who my favorite authors are. I’ve also mentioned my favorite books.

20190523_151257I share the book reviews for the fiction I read over on my Facebook page, to help readers decide what they might like to read next.

While I hope people will read my books, I’m not the only author out there and I do not mind promoting the authors of books I enjoy reading. (I also like to know when you like the same authors I do, and why. Please share!)

Right now I’m reading a book that I am going to write a review for to post here. It’s for part of the authors online book tour. I’ve enjoyed the book so far, and am happy to promote it. I’ll also post the reviews to GoodReads and Amazon, and share the review link on social and professional networking platforms.

I get many, many requests for reviews from so many authors, and I just can’t do them all. If I’m only reading for them, I’m not really reading for myself. And I am not writing. So, I had cut back drastically on the number of people I will do this for.

And I do have a backlog of books I’ve chosen to read myself that I still need to review, because I read the books faster than I can write them. I’m working on doing them every so often.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention that I am scheduled to post a review and some book information for an author here late next month. Come back and check it out.

~ Shannon

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