Reading Free Ebooks

While I do read free ebooks, I don’t do so regularly. Authors deserve to be paid for their writing. Usually I read a free book when I want to read something from an author I haven’t read before. This helps me to decide if their books are for me. They aren’t always but, when they are I buy other books from the author. I will also read a book for free if someone gives it to me because they thought it was a great book, or as a gift. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I do not. When I do, the author goes on my list of people I will purchase books from in the future.

Sometimes an author, or a representative for their book, will contact me requesting I review a book. I used to do more of these reviews than I do now, but I still review one once-in-a-while. My criteria? That it is a book I think I will enjoy. That I do not have any other books to review during that time. And that I know I will have enough time to read it, with everything else that I do, by the time the author wants it posted. Again, if I like the book I add the author to my list.

I would like to note that I don’t review books I do not like. Or authors I know I will never read again. It’s a waste of my time, and I am well aware that just because something is not my cup of tea my friends and family may enjoy it. Just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean you won’t.

Sometimes I do buy a book second-hand. I know the author doesn’t get paid for this, but I also don’t like seeing books go to waste. And I do share books that I enjoy with others, because I just don’t have the space for all the books I read. Most of mine are in storage.

I know people like to read for free, but I hope everyone keeps in mind that your favorite authors aren’t getting paid for people to read for free or second-hand. Buy from them when you can, so they can keep writing your favorite stories.

Think about it like I do: My favorite authors can’t get new books out to me as quickly as I’d like if they are also holding down a job. (Mind you, this is something I’ve been thinking about for only a few years now. I do what I can for them.)

~ Shannon



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