My Mother (Tales from the Woods)

Graphic by Shannon L. Buck via February 2018.

“She kills people.

It’s what she does.”

Another story from Tales from the Mountain, My Mother brings to light some of the bad things that happen in Bear Wood.

(See an excerpt for the story below.)


Is he lying or telling the truth? It’s difficult to decide what the truth is sometimes,eBook cover by Shannon L. Buck via February 2018. especially when you’re not sure the source of the accusations is being honest.

Could his mother really have done all of those horrible things? Or was it really him? Read My Mother to find out what horrific things happen in Bear Wood.

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“Would you care to explain?”

“Sure. Someone has to stop her. Maybe that someone will be you.”

“Would you like some dinner? You must be hungry. I could take you into town, get you a pizza or something.” Anything to get out of this house. She felt awkward here, and didn’t care much for it.

“I’ve never had a pizza,” he told her as he stood and walked toward her car. “Will I be coming back home?”

“As soon as your father gets back and comes in for questioning.”

“Why should he have to be questioned? He doesn’t know anything.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I am.”

“Well, I still have to bring you to the station, so how about that pizza first?”

He shrugged. “I guess.”

“Good. Please get into the car.”

He did as he was asked, and they arrived into town an hour later.

While they were eating, she asked him questions regarding the men his mother had murdered. “How many men has your mother killed?”

“Quite a few. Maybe 15; somewhere around that number.”

“That’s quite a lot of men. Where are they buried?”

“Buried? They’re not buried.”

“Then, where are they?”

“In Heaven, I suppose.”


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