The Face in the Window (Tales from the Woods)

I was glad to finally be leaving the camp in the woods. As dad drove away from the cabin that night, I was crying from the sheer happiness of leaving the place.

This is a stand-alone story from the Tales from the Woods series. (See the excerpt after the description.)

Tough times befall so many of us, we can feel for a family who has also fallen. We want to hear more about their story, and how they recovered. We want to know they make it back up; that they have worked toward a better outcome.

Sometimes it seems impossible to get back up though, especially when you feel pulled down more and more as time goes by. Just when things seem to be getting back on track, something unforeseen happens. Something you never would have even imagined. And you have to run. Seemingly, at least in that moment, for your life. Read this story from Tales from the Woods to see how things can go from bad to worse.     $2.99




That night I woke in a cold sweat, feeling like I was being watched. I looked toward the window across the loft and, sure enough, there was someone looking in at me. I screamed as loud as I could, and woke everyone in the camp. The little ones cried from fear, and mom and dad were climbed the ladder to the loft as fast as they could.

When they were next to me, I was finally able to stop screaming. Dad looked at the window I was pointing at and went to it. He couldn’t see anything out there.

“I saw someone looking in at me,” I sobbed.

“That’s not possible,” dad explained. “No one can get up there from the ground, and there are no trees for anyone to climb close enough for them to be at the window. We are simply too high up.”

“But I saw someone in the window,” I whined.

Dad went out and checked all around the camp. He came back and told me again that there couldn’t have been anyone out there. “You must have been dreaming, sweetie. No one is out there.”

Mom stayed with me until I fell back asleep.

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