Victims (Tales from the Mountain)

The blood was everywhere. Covering the ground and the exposed roots. Blanketing the bushes. Painted on the trees. There was blood on the young woman lying on the ground.

A stand-alone story from Tales from the Mountain. (See excerpt after the description.)

Serena and her friends have gone on a hiking and camping trip that will last a week. Having done this before, they pack what they know they’ll need and head out on foot. They decide to go further out than on previous trips, and are enjoying their time until tragedy strikes.

The evil they encounter while on their trip might just be too much for these otherwise brave young women.     $1.99



The three of them are talking, but are not always thinking before they speak. I’m too far way to hear what they’re saying. I watch from afar, as always. Yes, I see the birds and the forest animals, though the creatures think I don’t.

I wonder what the girls are saying, but have no real need to know. It simply does not matter. They are my toys, and this is my game.

Yes! They have seen it. The women walk toward the jacket on the path. Serena picks it up, and they walk further along. They are going in the right direction. I have to get into a better position.

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