We Can See You (Tales of Magick)

“Nice,” he replied as they drove by the cemetery into which his daughter was pointing. “Do you still visit Charlie’s father’s grave often?”

“Once a week,” she said quietly.

“Okay. Have you ever seen anything… unusual while there?”

A Tales of Magick story.

A community rises up to get rid of people they don’t think belong. Witches aren’t welcome, even though they’ve known them for so long. Once the secret is out, residents do anything to get rid of them.

We Can See You ebook cover 2But, through a twist of fate, the young find out they can see a ghost. And that ghost wants to help the witches. Why? How does he know they are in need of help?

What tragedies bring this group closer together? Find out in this story, as friends stick together to do what has to be done.

$3.99   (See excerpt below.)



Sitting in the cemetery, Abby and Joe were on either side of Charlie at his dad’s grave. They were eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that Abby had made, barbecue chips Charlie brought, and drinking cream sodas Joe found in the refrigerator at his house. It was a filling dinner.

They were discussing how Charlie’s dad would always take them out into the woods for hikes when he was alive. How he’d point out the different types of plant life, explaining them in detail. They’d always been a little scared of the woods, because they were so little, but Charlie’s dad always knew how to take their fears away. He had been a kind and patient man, and guided them gently every step of the way.

Abby looked up, just in time to see someone (something?) walk by the other side of the gravestone. She thought she was seeing things. “Um… guys.” Charlie and Joe looked up and could not believe what they were seeing, either.

As quickly as the being had been there, it was gone. The three young teenagers rose slowly, standing for a few seconds, before quickly walking out of the cemetery.

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