The Haunted Dinner Party

“Are you nervous?” Cal asked his friend as they walked.

“Why should I be nervous?” replied Sofi as they neared the old house. “It’s just a Halloween party.”

Sofi is excited about the Halloween party she and Cal have been invited to, but he seems nervous. Is he right to be? He’s heard some things about a party at the same house last year, and isn’t sure they should attend. Sofi blows it all off as overreaction, and convinces him to go.     $2.99   (See excerpt below)




Looking around, Sofi said, “Someone did a good job decorating the yard here.” There were pumpkins placed here and there, and the pumpkins on the porch were carved with scary pictures that were glowing with candlelight. A scarecrow was sitting on top of a bale hay, holding a bloody ax. “Those spiders on the cobwebs look real,” she continued, shivering.

“I think they are real,” he replied, scowling. Cal hated spiders, but he didn’t want anyone to know.

The door finally swung slowly open, making a creaking sound that reminded Cal of a scene from an old horror movie. “Come in,” they were invited by a deep voice. A Tall man moved aside so they could enter. The man looked like Death. “They are waiting for you in there,” the man told them, pointing to a doorway down the hall.

As they walked toward the door, Sofi said, “I didn’t know we were supposed to wear costumes. I thought it was just a dinner party.”

“That’s what the invitation said,” Cal replied, thoughtfully. “I wonder why we were the only ones to receive invitations. I don’t even know the people who live here.”

“I just figured it was someone from school,” she replied as she opened the door leading to the room they had been directed to. The room seemed empty of people, the only light emanating from the candles on the dining room table. They each took a seat and waited quietly.

The room was so dark Sofi and Cal could not see beyond the table. There were enough place settings for eight people, minus the silverware, and a head that looked remarkably real was being used as a centerpiece. Screams could be heard, as well as laughter, but it had to be a recording because the noise was so low.

They suddenly heard movement. It sounded like people scuffing their feet cross the floor. Cal was more scared than he had ever been in his life. He knew something wasn’t right. “Is anyone there?” he asked with a shaky voice. He looked at Sofi and noticed her eyes were so wide they looked like they might pop right out of her head.

Four women and two men sat in the empty seats around the table. “Good trick,” Cal said with a nervous laugh. He took Sofi’s hand and realized she was shaking. When he looked at her again, he could see she was slowly nodding her head. Looking around the table, he saw the faces and hands of each of the other people were so white they seemed to be glowing.

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