Alone (Tales from the Woods)

Alone is a stand-alone story from Tales from the Woods. It is a mini story that can be read when you have a short break. Read the excerpt below the description to learn more.

“I can call someone for you, if you’d like,” offers the kind nurse, but I turn my head without answering. She hesitates a moment, then leaves the room.

You’ve watched the members of your family die from a disease they cannot name. One they cannot stop. Then, when no one is left for you to turn to, the disease catches up with you. Do you stay at the hospital knowing they can’t help? Knowing there is no hope? Or, do you follow your instincts and do what you want?

It is a lonely world when you are alone.     $0.99



The nurse comes back with a doctor. They want me to take more pills, even though taking them probably won’t help. My stomach hurts so bad though, I take the pills and hope for the best. When they leave the room again, I write a note:

       Thank you for being here for me, but there is no way you can help. My

       family went before me, and now it is my time to go.

I get up and dress slowly. The pain is still there, but not so bad now. Whatever the game me is kicking in fast, and I’m thanking for the bit of relief. I walk into the hall and past the nurses station. There’s only one person there, and she doesn’t look up.

Down the elevator, out the doors and into the parking lot. I walk north because I know the forest is in that direction. Past the stores and the apartment buildings. It will be a long walk. Still, I move forward past houses, past farms.

Hours later, a man stops and asks where I’m going. “Up north,” I answer. He offers me a ride. We travel for about an hour in silence. “Stop,” I say. When he pulls over, I thank him. He asks me if I need any help. I tell him no and walk off into the woods.

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