“Through word of mouth we were able to learn about the government’s plan. They had spacecrafts that would take them to a new planet when they needed to leave here. They would leave us all behind to deal with the wars that were going on. The wars that they had caused. They would have saved only themselves.”

Where do you go when you have to escape a world your government has taken over and destroyed? When you’ve done your best not to let the new society bring you down, but there is so much violence you can’t even spend time outside with your family or feel safe going to the grocery store? How do you escape a world of war?     $0.99  (See excerpt below.)




After we had been orbiting the planet for a couple of hours, one of the men on the ship noticed something that looked like a tunnel of sorts coming toward us. The tunnel latched onto the ship where the door opens to the outside. When the door started opening on its own I asked, “What are we going to do?”

The answer was an easy one, and my husband answered it for me. “We will go down. We can’t get the ship to do anything but orbit the planet, and we don’t know what will happen to it. At least we know what’s down there.”

Did we, really?

It seemed to take us forever to walk down the stairs in the tunnel. Thomas, my husband, held my hand the whole way. We each carried one of our children in our arms. When we reached the end of the tunnel, we were amazed. It was obvious that the beings we saw were not human, but they didn’t look like any of the pictures that we had seen of aliens back home. This could not be our Earth, I thought.

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