Don’t Go Into The Woods Alone (Tales from the Woods)

“You’re not really going out there, are you?” Kelly asked, brushing her shoulder length, wavy brown hair out of her face.

“Of course I am,” Stacey replied with a smile. “That’s where he wants to meet.”

A stand-alone story from Tales from the Woods. (See excerpt after the description.)

“But, you don’t even know who he is,” said Sarah. “What if something happens to you.”

There are rules that must be followed; rules that are set in place for good reason. Stacey finds out what happens when one decides not to follow a rule, and she’ll never be the same again.     $2.99




Stacey didn’t know what happened. She had gone into the woods, calling out to him, but hadn’t been able to see or hear anyone. She’d gone deeper into the woods, thinking that he must be further out. The woods seemed to get darker the further she went, and after walking for about a half-an-hour, she was beginning to get a little upset. Had she been stood up? Was someone teasing her?

All of a sudden it felt as though someone had pushed her. Now, what seemed like hours later, Stacey had awoken in a dark room somewhere, lit by a few oil lamps. Not knowing where she was, she started shaking in fear. Stacey couldn’t see anyone else in the room. She was cold.

Sitting up on the floor she’d been lying on, Stacey rubbed her hands over her arms to warm them. She gathered up her nerve and, after a few minutes, was able to stand and walk slowly to the door. Unable to open it, fear again arose from deep inside her. What is going on? How did I get here?

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