Writing Goals for 2020

Happy winter! While I don’t have specific word or chapter count goals, I am making goals for writing in 2020. I have already marked in my planner that I will be writing just about every Monday this year. Beyond that, my other goals are below.

The Old Shack in the Woods Facebook Graphic

  • Keep writing! I can do this at work during downtime, or anywhere. When I have ideas flowing, I’ll be writing them down. It doesn’t have to be just on Monday’s.
  • I hope to finish the Stalker series this year.
  • I want to finish the 2019 NaNoWriMo manuscript. (I actually finished this on Dec. 31st 2019. Yay! I thought I wasn’t going to get to it until after the first, but I found the time.)
  • I want to finish second, and maybe third, edits for The Perfect Choice.
  • New graphics for The Camp Series.
  • New graphics for The Cemetery Hill Series.
  • New graphics for the Tales of Magick series.
  • At least 24 blog posts here.
  • Create seasonal blog headers for this blog.

If I can finish most of this, I will consider 2020 well spent.

~ Shannon

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