The Old Shack in The Woods (Tales from the Mountain)

“This isn’t right,” Shaw said, a worried look on his cold, red face.

“I know,” replied Claire, feeling a little winded. “We should have gotten to the road an hour ago. Do you suppose we went the wrong way?”

Ebook cover graphic copyright January 2018, by Shannon L. Buck. Old Shack in the Woods is another stand-alone story from Tales from the Mountain. While heading back after a day of skiing on the mountain, Claire and Shaw get lost during an unexpected storm. With too much wind to continue on, they stop for a night at what seems to be a quaint little cottage. When the two wake the next morning, they are in for the shock of their lives; something they cannot explain.

$1.99 (See excerpt below.)



Yawning, Claire said “Shaw, baby. I don’t think the owner is coming back tonight, and I’m so tired. Please can’t we sleep now?”

He hesitated and said, “I guess that would be okay.” It had been such a long day. They walked toward the bed and pulled the covers down. Leaving their clothes on, they removed their boots and laid down, covered up, and drifted quickly off to sleep.

The next morning Shaw and Claire woke up shivering. “I’ll get up and build a fire in the stove,” he mumbled, climbing out of bed. He opened his eyes and was shocked. “Oh, my God. Get up Claire. Hurry! Get out of that bed.”

“What’s going on?” she replied sleepily.

“Just open your eyes and get up.”

She did. Everything was different. The bed was an old, rusted metal one, with a gross bare mattress. They had been covered with only a thin, dirty blanket, and there was no curtain covering the window. The only other thing in the shack was an old wood stove that didn’t even look usable. They were in a rundown, disgusting shack. What was going on?

They quickly got into their winter gear, and went to the door to leave. The door would not open. It had no lock, but the doorknob wouldn’t budge. Shaw tried to open the window but was unable to. They were scared and confused.

All of a sudden, Claire saw Shaw being thrown against the back wall. That couldn’t have happened, though, because no one was there to do the throwing. His head hit the wall so hard that a trail of blood was left on the wall as he slid down to the floor. She ran to him, crying. “Shaw! Wake up. What is happening? Shaw, please.”


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