How I Stay Motivated

I schedule every Monday as a writing day, and I usually write a chapter on that day. Sometimes two. I sleep late, having worked a double the day before, then walk my self over to Aroma Joe’s and sit there for a few hours typing away. They are used to me. They know my order. It’s where I concentrate best these days.

Photgraph copyright Shannon L. Buck, December 2017. days I write from home. A few pages here and there, in between cleaning and working on other projects.

It’s not very often that writer’s block hits, so I don’t worry about it too much. When it does, I spend some time at my thinking place near the river, and I always come away with a new idea or two.

To be honest, I have a journal-and-a-half filled with writing prompts, so I bring them with me when I’m looking for inspiration. I probably have enough prompts in those journals to get me through two lifetimes.

~ Shannon



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