Switching to Universal Links

This morning I spent time updating the About page here on the blog. What I’m doing, because it will make things easier for me in the long run, is changing all the book links here on the blog to universal links.

What this means for me:

I won’t have to go in add links to each new place where a book is offered, every time I add a new one here. I’ll just go to the other site and have them rescan for me. This will save me so much time.

The Camp Series https://www.amazon.com/Rascal-Camp-Tales-Mountain-Book-ebook/What this means for you:

You’ll have one link to click on that will bring you to a page where you can choose from which trusted site you want to purchase the book. Like Kobo, or Amazon. For the places the book is available at the time you click the link on my site. You will also be looking at less clutter on the book posts here. (Click on the book cover to see an example.) Click on the store icon where you would like to buy the book from.

I still have work to do with links here on the site, but it will be great when everything is all done. I’ll work on this project whenever I have a few extra minutes, and will hopefully have it done before long.

Thank you for your patience while I get things set up.

~ Shannon

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