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Hi there! My name is Shannon and I’m the author of many short stories, including the #CampSeries published on Amazon: Rascal, A Trip to the Outhouse, Auntie’s Boyfriend, and Hidden Camp. I also wrote #CemeteryHillSeries, that includes The Beginning, A Child is Taken, The Visitors, Dragged Off, and Seeing Things. Both of these series are actually sub-series for Tales from the Mountain. While many of the stories in Tales from the Mountain can be read in no particular order, each sub-series has a definite order in which they should be read.

I’ve also written Dark Surprises in Bear Wood, Don’t Go Into the Woods Alone, My Mother, and Victims, as well as others. Take a look around the site.

Hey –  if you happen to live near me and you see me while out-and-about, feel free to say hi! I love chatting with people when I’m not in a hurry.

I’ve written since childhood, and truly enjoy creating short stories, novellas, and more. While these stories are often based around dreams I’ve had, some just seem to pop into my mind randomly. Others I use prompts for.

I have a ‘book’ I wrote in grade school, and a story I wrote in junior high that I take out once in a while to tweak. Maybe someday I’ll publish them. I also have poems I wrote during that time, and remember a magazine I created for one of my classes. I love to write!

The stories for Tales from the Mountain, while based on a mountain where my family owns land, are not real. They’re just stories. Once in a while, a short story may have a few elements  of truth to them. This is rare. The same is true for Tales from the Woods. Tales of Magick is in no way based on my life, other than in a spiritual sense. The rest is purely fictional, though based on Pagan religious aspects.

Join me as I share stories of darkness and magick, and whatever else my mind clings to.


Graphic by Shannon L. Buck, 2018

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Living in a small town in the state of Maine, I have two young adult daughters, one son-in-law, a blessing of a grandson whom I lovingly call Little Man, and a granddaughter whom I lovingly call Little Miss.




Photograph by Zowie Arnold, copyright July 13, 2018

I love spending time with each of them, and treasure every moment we spend together.

Scrapbooking, reading, walking, and photography are my hobbies, and I plans to begin traveling in the near future. I also write nonfiction.






I welcome emails from readers and friends I make here on the blog. You can send questions and other notes to me at, and I will answer as soon as I can.

Happy reading!

Shannon L. Buck, Orono, Maine, USA