Writing Goals for 2020

Happy winter! While I don't have specific word or chapter count goals, I am making goals for writing in 2020. I have already marked in my planner that I will be writing just about every Monday this year. Beyond that, my other goals are below. Keep writing! I can do this at work during downtime, … Continue reading Writing Goals for 2020

Google Play Books

Google Play Books does not make it easy to sell through them. Previously, if you published on Lulu.com, you could send the book through to Google Play. Today I read that is no longer the case. Apparently now they only allow so many people in any given time to sell books through them. I went … Continue reading Google Play Books

Published! The Camp Series (Tales from the Mountain)

It was a crazy busy week, and it'll be just as busy this weekend as I work at The Inn and promote The Camp Series and "Be Careful of Those Woods". It'll be nice to have my next three days off, and be able to work on the manuscript rather than promote things. ***** The … Continue reading Published! The Camp Series (Tales from the Mountain)

Man Missing on the Mountain

July 15, 1975 Last night Jack Adams, age 23, went missing while visiting his girlfriend’s family on the mountain. Jack resided in Bear Wood, at the base of the mountain. Jack had just returned from a walk with his girlfriend, and was going to play cards with the family after he used the outhouse. One … Continue reading Man Missing on the Mountain

I’m Not A Professional Book Cover Designer

I do wish I could afford one. Because this is not an option for me right now, I'm doing this for myself. My book covers could definitely be better if someone else were doing this but, since its me, I'm learning a few things here and there. Above are the original book covers for the … Continue reading I’m Not A Professional Book Cover Designer

Playlist for The Camp Series

I read so many tips and descriptions about interesting things writers can put on their blogs to help readers better understand different aspect of their writing and more about the characters and places they write about. For instance, I wrote diary entries from a characters perspective for the #campseries, and a newspaper article to go … Continue reading Playlist for The Camp Series

Have You Read These Yet?

My first series was a set of four ebooks, that go along with a few diary entries that you can read here on the site. These entries and ebooks are part of Tales from the Mountain, and follow a character named Jessica and her cousins. (If you've read these already, please consider leaving reviews if … Continue reading Have You Read These Yet?

I Swore I’d Never Use Hashtags

I remember back when I first started hearing about hashtags, thinking how silly they were and wondering why anyone would even want to bother. I had hoped they were just a phase that would their use would just peter out over time. Admittedly, I'm not really a fan of change and just didn't want to have to be bothered to add them to anything.

Bundling the #CampSeries

I've been thinking about bundling the #CampSeries for some time now. Still offering them separately, but bundling them together with the diary entries and any other material I might come up with so readers who want to can have the entire set at once. I'm not sure if this will happen in 2018 or 2019, … Continue reading Bundling the #CampSeries

Updating the Blog; And the Process

It is my hope to, at some point, have a more professional blog or site for the fiction I write. For now, I'm making some updates to this blog. When you publish eBooks, even if they are only short stories, there is a lot of other stuff you have to do. These days, you can't … Continue reading Updating the Blog; And the Process

Published! Auntie’s Boyfriend

I published the third eBook in the #CampSeries, Auntie's Boyfriend, This week, and it is ready for you to read. Here is the description of the story. Sometimes strange things happen on the mountain, like pets disappearing. Or toys. Or even people. No one knows where they go, just that they are gone. Or, at … Continue reading Published! Auntie’s Boyfriend

An Uncle, a Dad, and a Boogie Man

NOTE: This entry should be read after Part 2 of the #CampSeries, A Trip to the Outhouse. Dear Diary, We went up to camp again today. It was boring until our cousins got there. I played in the field with Carl, Jenny and Alex. Carl wanted to talk about the Boogie Man again. He wanted … Continue reading An Uncle, a Dad, and a Boogie Man

Published! A Trip to the Outhouse by Shannon L. Buck

If you've followed me long enough, which I know some of you have, then you remember a couple-few years back when I had published a not completely edited version of A Trip to the Outhouse on a revenue share site. I did this to see what the reaction would be, and received some good feedback … Continue reading Published! A Trip to the Outhouse by Shannon L. Buck

Published! Rascal by Shannon L. Buck

I can't express how excited I am to have the first story published to Amazon. The other 3 will be published there as well, not long from now. One of my goals is finally being realized, and I've worked so hard for it. It is my hope that you enjoy this short story, and the … Continue reading Published! Rascal by Shannon L. Buck