The Haunted Dinner Party

“Are you nervous?” Cal asked his friend as they walked. “Why should I be nervous?” replied Sofi as they neared the old house. “It's just a Halloween party.” Sofi is excited about the Halloween party she and Cal have been invited to, but he seems nervous. Is he right to be? He's heard some things … Continue reading The Haunted Dinner Party


"Through word of mouth we were able to learn about the government’s plan. They had spacecrafts that would take them to a new planet when they needed to leave here. They would leave us all behind to deal with the wars that were going on. The wars that they had caused. They would have saved … Continue reading Serenita

I Promised Myself I Would Relax

I was sick a couple of days last week, then worked all weekend at the inn, so I promised myself that I would relax every evening of my three days off. You gotta take care of yourself, right? I was still feeling wiped, still a little ill. Yesterday I worked on the new story and … Continue reading I Promised Myself I Would Relax

Writing Happens Like Magic

Wednesday I took a personal day. No work. No stresses. Relaxing, watching television, cooking, and spending the night at my daughters. It was nice. Personal days are great for clearing your mind; freeing up those creative juices. My muse loved it. Thursday afternoon, sitting at my desk at work, I had an inkling of an … Continue reading Writing Happens Like Magic