Writing Goals for 2020

Happy winter! While I don't have specific word or chapter count goals, I am making goals for writing in 2020. I have already marked in my planner that I will be writing just about every Monday this year. Beyond that, my other goals are below. Keep writing! I can do this at work during downtime, … Continue reading Writing Goals for 2020

Finished a Manuscript!

During the month of November I won NaNoWriMo with my Coming Home manuscript. I'd taken time away from the Stalker series in order to do that challenge so, at the end of November, I had two unfinished manuscripts. Winning NaNoWriMo does not mean finishing a book. It just means you wrote at least 50,000 words … Continue reading Finished a Manuscript!

And Now I Am Working On…

Oh, so many things. Haha. Are you surprised? Because so much went wrong last month when I wanted to be putting my books on Kobo, Lulu, and Barnes & Noble, I haven't even gotten to adding any yet. So now I'm planning out where to start, how often to add, and in what order. (Any … Continue reading And Now I Am Working On…

I Accomplished More in 2018

I already updated you on my progress with the 2018 goals I set, and how I did with my theme word for the year. It's worth mentioning that I accomplished more with my writing than what's in those posts. I wrote three novellas this year, and I am note-taking for a fourth. These stories are … Continue reading I Accomplished More in 2018