Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

While there may still be some articles posting to the blog, I am actually on vacation. Everything has been written and schedule to post on specific days, so you can still check in and read new things while I am away. I will be enjoying working at The Inn a little extra this week and … Continue reading Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Promoting Other Authors

Even though this is my author site, I do promote other authors here. I might do this by mentioning what books I am currently reading or plan to read in the near future. Or by talking about who my favorite authors are. I've also mentioned my favorite books. I share the book reviews for the … Continue reading Promoting Other Authors

Check Out My Profile on

I may have mentioned on the Facebook page that I've created a profile on It's a nifty little profile that showcases a few of my books at a time. I mentioned that I love how the site makes my books look more real by showing what they would look like with a spine. It … Continue reading Check Out My Profile on

Man Missing on the Mountain

July 15, 1975 Last night Jack Adams, age 23, went missing while visiting his girlfriend’s family on the mountain. Jack resided in Bear Wood, at the base of the mountain. Jack had just returned from a walk with his girlfriend, and was going to play cards with the family after he used the outhouse. One … Continue reading Man Missing on the Mountain

Favorite Movies about Writers and Writing

We all have favorite movies, and many of mine have to do with either writers or the process of writing. I like each of the following movies for a different reason, sometimes one is inspirational, and other times there is a good story behind it. And I do love a scary movie sometimes.  Here is … Continue reading Favorite Movies about Writers and Writing

Word of the Year: Focus

FOCUS noun  1. a center of activity, attraction, or attention 2. a point of concentration verb  to bring into focus to concentrate attention or effort ***** I think I've said on this blog, at some point, that I might have adult ADD. I don't really know that, but I have such a hard time concentrating … Continue reading Word of the Year: Focus

Revisiting My 2018 Theme Word

Each year I come up with a new theme word. For 2018, that word was Believe. I needed to believe in my ability to progress with my writing in a way that made me feel successful. I'm not talking money here, though that would be a plus. I'm talking about getting things done. "I believe … Continue reading Revisiting My 2018 Theme Word

Published! A Child is Taken (Cemetery Hill Series Part 2) (Tales from the Mountain)

In case you haven't noticed, A Child is Taken, part two of the #cemeteryhillseries, and Tales from the Mountain story, has been published and is ready for purchase on Amazon. If you still haven't read part one, The Beginning, I'd do that first. When sweet little Louisa is taken from Cemetery Hill Township, even the … Continue reading Published! A Child is Taken (Cemetery Hill Series Part 2) (Tales from the Mountain)

New Story Published: Bang!

My daughter Zowie offered to do some editing for me, so she is working through a bunch of stories I wrote while I am working on ebook covers and other graphics. Love her to pieces for that. So expect some more ebook announcements during the next couple of months. So thankful she is doing this … Continue reading New Story Published: Bang!