More Stories

Dear Friend,

I’ve never wanted to be a writer of one format or genre. I write fiction and non fiction. Horror, thriller, and paranormal. Stories with a slight science fiction or fantasy slant. I even write poetry. Whatever I want.

I write what makes me happy. What pops into my head. It really could be anything.

In my reading, I’ve noticed where some authors are telling others to only write in one genre. I can see their point of view, but just don’t think it is possible for me to stay in just one. I’m expanding my horizons, and maybe yours as well.

When reading, I usually do so within the horror/thriller/paranormal genres. However, I once in a while read something outside my norm. I find I can get into other genres, even if I don’t read in them all the time. I’ve gone through phases of reading detective and mystery books, as well as romance. And I love a good classic.

The stories on this page do not belong to a series, at least not yet. They will not all be of the same genre. I hope you read and enjoy them all.

Shannon, April 12, 2016