My Current Projects

Given that I just finished writing the first draft of a manuscript, I figured I'd update you on my current projects. I always need to have things to keep me busy. First, I've started on my summer/fall reading list. It's a big undertaking. I do read a lot. I am currently taking notes (see photo) … Continue reading My Current Projects

My Reading List

I love to write. I love to read. I'm currently reading five books, and have an entire list of What to Read Next. This list includes physical books and ebooks. These are the physical books I'm reading this summer and fall: The four I'm currently reading are: Smart Women Finish Rich, Becoming, Eat. Pray. Love., … Continue reading My Reading List

Google Play Books

Google Play Books does not make it easy to sell through them. Previously, if you published on, you could send the book through to Google Play. Today I read that is no longer the case. Apparently now they only allow so many people in any given time to sell books through them. I went … Continue reading Google Play Books

Dreaming a Little Dream, Or #SelfPubCon2019

I mentioned before that I attended the virtual Women in Publishing Summit this month. I got so many wonderful tips during that summit that I decided to attend the online author conference that took place over the last couple of days. It's actually still going on. I've already read through all of the transcripts that … Continue reading Dreaming a Little Dream, Or #SelfPubCon2019

Check Out My Profile on

I may have mentioned on the Facebook page that I've created a profile on It's a nifty little profile that showcases a few of my books at a time. I mentioned that I love how the site makes my books look more real by showing what they would look like with a spine. It … Continue reading Check Out My Profile on

Pricing Books, for Other Countries

I learned something very useful as I was setting up Rascal on Kobo last week. I had noticed while using KDP (Amazon) there was a list of other countries where they sell books to that had prices set in each countries currency. I thought it was pretty cool, thinking they must know what they are … Continue reading Pricing Books, for Other Countries

Women in Publishing Summit Notes

Last weeks Women in Publishing Summit was amazing. Five days, each filled with a number of interviews and panels with authors and publishers. It was inspiring. They were inspiring. I'm so happy I found this summit. I'm just hoping that next year it does not coincide with the business summit I also enjoyed last week. … Continue reading Women in Publishing Summit Notes

“Be Careful of Those Woods” (Tales from the Woods)

Grandpa always told us, “Be careful of those woods”. We didn’t know why. We were pretty much convinced he was just trying to scare us. He may have also been a little crazy. Why should we have to “be careful of those woods”? A Tales from the Woods Story: Listen to your elders. They know things … Continue reading “Be Careful of Those Woods” (Tales from the Woods)

Published! The Camp Series (Tales from the Mountain)

It was a crazy busy week, and it'll be just as busy this weekend as I work at The Inn and promote The Camp Series and "Be Careful of Those Woods". It'll be nice to have my next three days off, and be able to work on the manuscript rather than promote things. ***** The … Continue reading Published! The Camp Series (Tales from the Mountain)

My 5 Biggest Writing Distractions

I try not to let distractions enter my world when I am writing, but they do happen. One of those distractions is social media, but I've done a couple of things to help me to conquer this one. First, I always have my notifications silenced on my phone. Otherwise I would always be checking the … Continue reading My 5 Biggest Writing Distractions

Man Missing on the Mountain

July 15, 1975 Last night Jack Adams, age 23, went missing while visiting his girlfriend’s family on the mountain. Jack resided in Bear Wood, at the base of the mountain. Jack had just returned from a walk with his girlfriend, and was going to play cards with the family after he used the outhouse. One … Continue reading Man Missing on the Mountain

I’m Not A Professional Book Cover Designer

I do wish I could afford one. Because this is not an option for me right now, I'm doing this for myself. My book covers could definitely be better if someone else were doing this but, since its me, I'm learning a few things here and there. Above are the original book covers for the … Continue reading I’m Not A Professional Book Cover Designer

And Now I Am Working On…

Oh, so many things. Haha. Are you surprised? Because so much went wrong last month when I wanted to be putting my books on Kobo, Lulu, and Barnes & Noble, I haven't even gotten to adding any yet. So now I'm planning out where to start, how often to add, and in what order. (Any … Continue reading And Now I Am Working On…

Playlist for The Camp Series

I read so many tips and descriptions about interesting things writers can put on their blogs to help readers better understand different aspect of their writing and more about the characters and places they write about. For instance, I wrote diary entries from a characters perspective for the #campseries, and a newspaper article to go … Continue reading Playlist for The Camp Series

Published! Seeing Things (Cemetery Hill Series Part 5) (Tales from the Mountain)

It's been a busy week. First by getting this one ready for publication and, yesterday and today, getting the word out. Newsletters, a blog post, and other promotional tasks have been completed, but there is still more to do. All this means that I'm not actually working on the new manuscript, which is what I … Continue reading Published! Seeing Things (Cemetery Hill Series Part 5) (Tales from the Mountain)

Doing Yoga Helps Me to Generate Writing Ideas

Writing isn't always easy. Sometimes, when I get stuck trying to express something or can't think of anything to write about, I take a step back and do some yoga. Yoga is a slow-moving exercise that helps me to clear my mind and relieve stress. Once my mind is clear of the clutter of everyday … Continue reading Doing Yoga Helps Me to Generate Writing Ideas

Favorite Movies about Writers and Writing

We all have favorite movies, and many of mine have to do with either writers or the process of writing. I like each of the following movies for a different reason, sometimes one is inspirational, and other times there is a good story behind it. And I do love a scary movie sometimes.  Here is … Continue reading Favorite Movies about Writers and Writing

What do I Enjoy Most About Writing?

When I'm in the process of writing, I'm not thinking about anything else. No matter where I am, inside or out, I'm in a zone. Anything could happen around me, and I'd most likely be oblivious. Because of this, I actually get quite relaxed. I'm not always one to relax, so this is actually good … Continue reading What do I Enjoy Most About Writing?

Going Through the List

I recently finished the first draft of the fourth stalker novella. I always get so excited when I finish one 🙂 As soon as I finished, I set up a folder for novella number five in the series. Then I started reading through my list, making notes of what I want to use in the … Continue reading Going Through the List

I’m Not Perfect

And neither are my stories. I make mistakes, and I probably don't notice all of the typos I create in my stories, even after the third or fourth edit. I usually stop editing after three, and certainly never go past four. But even with all that editing, I'm sure there are typos left in each … Continue reading I’m Not Perfect