The World of Memes

Memes. Some are kinda funny; many I don't even find interesting. Personally, I can live without them. But Zowie tells me I need some for the Facebook page.


Rascal: Part 1 of The Camp Series

“Have you heard about the Boogie Man?” “No,” we all said at once. “Tell us about him.” The Mountain itself is truly a majestic place. The beauty of the fields and the woods is astounding. The sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking, especially when viewed from the top of the mountain. And winter, though leaving people … Continue reading Rascal: Part 1 of The Camp Series


I've done this minimally, mainly in my head, for the past several years. I'm going to have to record all of it, though, because I keep adding more and more stories to Tales from the Mountain and Tales from the Woods, and now I have Tales of Magick. It's getting more and more difficult to keep … Continue reading Worldbuilding

Bundling the #CampSeries

I've been thinking about bundling the #CampSeries for some time now. Still offering them separately, but bundling them together with the diary entries and any other material I might come up with so readers who want to can have the entire set at once. I'm not sure if this will happen in 2018 or 2019, … Continue reading Bundling the #CampSeries

Still Learning to Promote

Today I'm sitting at my desk at the Inn where I work, writing blog posts because it is a bit slow here this time of year. My boss knows, and let's me do this. He's good about these kinds of things as long as we do our work. I was going through pictures from yesterday's … Continue reading Still Learning to Promote