Winning at NaNoWriMo

I won NaNoWriMo. So did my sister. It's a whole lot of work. I'm not even kidding. That, on top of work and family, along with all the other things that need to get done, keeps a person mighty busy. And somewhat stressed. But a certain amount of stress is supposed to be good for … Continue reading Winning at NaNoWriMo

Bang! (Tales from the Mountain)

Bang is a stand-alone story from the Tales from the Mountain series. It is a mini story, meaning it can be read during a coffee break or other times when you only have a few minutes to relax. (See excerpt below the description.) “What’s going on, Sean?” She was frightened. He couldn't blame her, he … Continue reading Bang! (Tales from the Mountain)

Alone (Tales from the Woods)

Alone is a stand-alone story from Tales from the Woods. It is a mini story that can be read when you have a short break. Read the excerpt below the description to learn more. “I can call someone for you, if you’d like,” offers the kind nurse, but I turn my head without answering. She … Continue reading Alone (Tales from the Woods)

The Haunted Dinner Party

“Are you nervous?” Cal asked his friend as they walked. “Why should I be nervous?” replied Sofi as they neared the old house. “It's just a Halloween party.” Sofi is excited about the Halloween party she and Cal have been invited to, but he seems nervous. Is he right to be? He's heard some things … Continue reading The Haunted Dinner Party

We Can See You (Tales of Magick)

“Nice,” he replied as they drove by the cemetery into which his daughter was pointing. “Do you still visit Charlie’s father’s grave often?” “Once a week,” she said quietly. “Okay. Have you ever seen anything... unusual while there?” A Tales of Magick story. A community rises up to get rid of people they don't think … Continue reading We Can See You (Tales of Magick)

Where Am I? (Tales of Magick)

I wake, not knowing where I am. I know who I am and where I come from, but the place is not familiar to me. I remember everything about my life, except how I ended up here. A Tales of Magick story. (See the excerpt after the description.) How is your perception of reality? If … Continue reading Where Am I? (Tales of Magick)

Victims (Tales from the Mountain)

The blood was everywhere. Covering the ground and the exposed roots. Blanketing the bushes. Painted on the trees. There was blood on the young woman lying on the ground. A stand-alone story from Tales from the Mountain. (See excerpt after the description.) Serena and her friends have gone on a hiking and camping trip that … Continue reading Victims (Tales from the Mountain)

The Face in the Window (Tales from the Woods)

I was glad to finally be leaving the camp in the woods. As dad drove away from the cabin that night, I was crying from the sheer happiness of leaving the place. This is a stand-alone story from the Tales from the Woods series. (See the excerpt after the description.) Tough times befall so many … Continue reading The Face in the Window (Tales from the Woods)

Review: Daring Summer by Elyse Douglas + A Giveaway

Love. Lust. Money. Revenge. What else could a person ask for in a good summer read? Maybe one or two other things, and you might just find those in this Daring Summer by Elyse Douglas as well. Has there ever been a time in your life when you were completely happy, only to have the … Continue reading Review: Daring Summer by Elyse Douglas + A Giveaway

My Mother (Tales from the Woods)

"She kills people. It's what she does." Another story from Tales from the Mountain, My Mother brings to light some of the bad things that happen in Bear Wood. (See an excerpt for the story below.)   Is he lying or telling the truth? It's difficult to decide what the truth is sometimes, especially when … Continue reading My Mother (Tales from the Woods)

The Woman in the Woods (Tales of Magick)

She gave me a mysterious smile and said “Child, haven't you noticed that you’re different? Not the same as other people?” Again, I blushed. “I know I’m different. My, foster parents, were scared of me. They didn't understand me.” I paused a moment, then went on in a low voice. “I don't even understand … Continue reading The Woman in the Woods (Tales of Magick)

Promoting Other Authors

Even though this is my author site, I do promote other authors here. I might do this by mentioning what books I am currently reading or plan to read in the near future. Or by talking about who my favorite authors are. I've also mentioned my favorite books. I share the book reviews for the … Continue reading Promoting Other Authors

You Don’t Know Me (Tales from the Woods)

“It was exhilarating, the first time I killed someone. I was young, but I’d been wanting to do it as far back as I could remember.” She was calm. She hadn't been sure she would be. A Tales from the Wood Story She doesn't understand social cues. She is unable to form meaningful bonds with … Continue reading You Don’t Know Me (Tales from the Woods)

Dark Surprises in Bear Wood (Tales from the Woods)

“If you go into the woods today,” said Mrs. Everett. “You’re in for a big surprise.” She sipped her tea and peered out at us from over the rim of her cup. Putting the cup down, she asked, “Do you know what creepy surprises await you in the dark of the woods?” A Tales from … Continue reading Dark Surprises in Bear Wood (Tales from the Woods)

My Current Projects

Given that I just finished writing the first draft of a manuscript, I figured I'd update you on my current projects. I always need to have things to keep me busy. First, I've started on my summer/fall reading list. It's a big undertaking. I do read a lot. I am currently taking notes (see photo) … Continue reading My Current Projects

My Reading List

I love to write. I love to read. I'm currently reading five books, and have an entire list of What to Read Next. This list includes physical books and ebooks. These are the physical books I'm reading this summer and fall: The four I'm currently reading are: Smart Women Finish Rich, Becoming, Eat. Pray. Love., … Continue reading My Reading List

Google Play Books

Google Play Books does not make it easy to sell through them. Previously, if you published on, you could send the book through to Google Play. Today I read that is no longer the case. Apparently now they only allow so many people in any given time to sell books through them. I went … Continue reading Google Play Books

The Woods (Tales from the Woods)

This is a stand-alone story from the Tales from the Woods series. (See the excerpt after the description.) Want to know more about what happens in Bear Wood? The Woods gives you another glimpse at the horrors that live within. Will this little girl and her siblings make it out alive? Find out in this … Continue reading The Woods (Tales from the Woods)