The Shack (Tales of Magick)

The people who visit see a happy old lady; the witch in the woods. She lives peacefully enough, and has no complaints. No one bothers her, and she bothers no one. It’s lonely out here most of the time, so she enjoys it when someone knocks, unexpectedly, on her door. She invites them in, feeds … Continue reading The Shack (Tales of Magick)


I’m a Memay… Again <3

Sometimes you just have to take a break from everything and enjoy the beauty of life. Recently, my daughter gave birth to her second child - my granddaughter. Babies make me so happy 🙂 ❤ The other day My daughter and her husband had to come to the area to take care of a few … Continue reading I’m a Memay… Again ❤

What I’m Working on Now

First, I'm still editing the first novella in the series I wrote between 2016 and 2017. I'm now on chapter 15 of the first read-through. I'm not sure how many edits it will go through before I'm done. This might take some time, as I have a fair amount of publishing to finish this year … Continue reading What I’m Working on Now

Finally Available: The Woods (Tales from the Woods)

I was trying to get a new book out to you each month this year from January to November, with  plan to take December off from publishing to do family things. When I tried to publish The Woods last week (June), it didn't show up on Amazon. I wrote to the KDP team a couple … Continue reading Finally Available: The Woods (Tales from the Woods)

The Face in the Window (Tales from the Woods)

I was glad to finally be leaving the camp in the woods. As dad drove away from the cabin that night, I was crying from the sheer happiness of leaving the place. This is a stand-alone story from the Tales from the Woods series. (See the excerpt after the description.) Tough times befall so many … Continue reading The Face in the Window (Tales from the Woods)

Choosing Character Names

I write a lot of stories, and most of those stories have a number of characters. I employ a number of methods in finding the right names for each character. For instance, I sometimes create a post on Facebook asking my friends and family to chime in with their favorite names for a particular type … Continue reading Choosing Character Names