The Haunted Dinner Party

“Are you nervous?” Cal asked his friend as they walked. “Why should I be nervous?” replied Sofi as they neared the old house. “It's just a Halloween party.” Sofi is excited about the Halloween party she and Cal have been invited to, but he seems nervous. Is he right to be? He's heard some things … Continue reading The Haunted Dinner Party


Planning to Add Lulu to My Chosen Publishing Platforms for Fiction

I've been thinking lately that I need to broaden my horizons. I should be selling my stories on more than one platform, so I have decided to start with I've used it to publish non-fiction, so I already know how to easily use the platform. I just need to choose the time to start. … Continue reading Planning to Add Lulu to My Chosen Publishing Platforms for Fiction

The Woman in the Woods (Tales of Magick)

She gave me a mysterious smile and said “Child, haven't you noticed that you’re different? Not the same as other people?” Again, I blushed. “I know I’m different. My, foster parents, were scared of me. They didn't understand me.” I paused a moment, then went on in a low voice. “I don't even understand … Continue reading The Woman in the Woods (Tales of Magick)

Updating Amazon and More

I've been pretty busy as of late. Many of my short stories thus far have been part of one or more series, and I've been updating Amazon, GoodReads, and AuthorsDen to reflect this. It seems that books in a series are popular at this time, and authors need to be sure to let everyone know … Continue reading Updating Amazon and More

Alone (Tales from the Woods)

Alone is a stand-alone story from Tales from the Woods. It is a mini story that can be read when you have a short break. Read the excerpt below the description to learn more. “I can call someone for you, if you’d like,” offers the kind nurse, but I turn my head without answering. She … Continue reading Alone (Tales from the Woods)