1 Book Done, Another Planned

In case you missed it, I finished the first draft of the 8th Stalker Series book on Monday. This is the book I was working on last fall, that I had to put aside to join the NaNoWriMo Challenge. I won the challenge, then finished that book (Coming Home), and then picked up this manuscript … Continue reading 1 Book Done, Another Planned

Writing Goals for 2020

Happy winter! While I don't have specific word or chapter count goals, I am making goals for writing in 2020. I have already marked in my planner that I will be writing just about every Monday this year. Beyond that, my other goals are below. Keep writing! I can do this at work during downtime, … Continue reading Writing Goals for 2020

My Current Projects

Given that I just finished writing the first draft of a manuscript, I figured I'd update you on my current projects. I always need to have things to keep me busy. First, I've started on my summer/fall reading list. It's a big undertaking. I do read a lot. I am currently taking notes (see photo) … Continue reading My Current Projects

And Now I Am Working On…

Oh, so many things. Haha. Are you surprised? Because so much went wrong last month when I wanted to be putting my books on Kobo, Lulu, and Barnes & Noble, I haven't even gotten to adding any yet. So now I'm planning out where to start, how often to add, and in what order. (Any … Continue reading And Now I Am Working On…

Going Through the List

I recently finished the first draft of the fourth stalker novella. I always get so excited when I finish one 🙂 As soon as I finished, I set up a folder for novella number five in the series. Then I started reading through my list, making notes of what I want to use in the … Continue reading Going Through the List

I Accomplished More in 2018

I already updated you on my progress with the 2018 goals I set, and how I did with my theme word for the year. It's worth mentioning that I accomplished more with my writing than what's in those posts. I wrote three novellas this year, and I am note-taking for a fourth. These stories are … Continue reading I Accomplished More in 2018

I’m Working on this Series

Last weekend I told you about the series I wrote (mostly) in 2017, so today I thought I'd talk a little about the series of novella's I'm currently writing. A novella is shorter than a novel, coming in at anywhere between 17,500 and 39,999 words. My novella's seem to be averaging about 35,500, but that … Continue reading I’m Working on this Series

Started Writing a New Story

Because I finished the first draft of Scream Again during my vacation, it was time to start writing another story. I guess I've decided that both books will be part of The Stalker Series, a new series I'll be introducing. I've written the first chapter of this new story, as well as part of the … Continue reading Started Writing a New Story

Finished the First Draft of the Stalker Story

Vacation was wonderfully relaxing. I was able to hang out with loved ones. I read three books, and I wrote almost the entire manuscript for the stalker story - finishing it while on vacation. And I did some filing and watched some television. Mostly I relaxed, and I needed it. I came back to everything … Continue reading Finished the First Draft of the Stalker Story

Progressing with the Stalker Story

I cannot work on my story right now because I'm promoting My Mother, but I'm taking notes as thoughts enter my head. I'd really like to be writing that story, but will have to wait until the bulk of the promotional stuff has been. So far I've got six characters, four that are integral to … Continue reading Progressing with the Stalker Story