“Be Careful of Those Woods” (Tales from the Woods)

Grandpa always told us, “Be careful of those woods”. We didn’t know why. We were pretty much convinced he was just trying to scare us. He may have also been a little crazy. Why should we have to “be careful of those woods”? A Tales from the Woods Story: Listen to your elders. They know things … Continue reading “Be Careful of Those Woods” (Tales from the Woods)

The Shack (Tales of Magick)

The people who visit see a happy old lady; the witch in the woods. She lives peacefully enough, and has no complaints. No one bothers her, and she bothers no one. It’s lonely out here most of the time, so she enjoys it when someone knocks, unexpectedly, on her door. She invites them in, feeds … Continue reading The Shack (Tales of Magick)

An Uncle, a Dad, and a Boogie Man

NOTE: This entry should be read after Part 2 of the #CampSeries, A Trip to the Outhouse. Dear Diary, We went up to camp again today. It was boring until our cousins got there. I played in the field with Carl, Jenny and Alex. Carl wanted to talk about the Boogie Man again. He wanted … Continue reading An Uncle, a Dad, and a Boogie Man